Public Speaking

Whether it’s to school groups, youth groups, sporting teams, churches or corporates: public speaking is an important way that JK shares his knowledge and experience, taught by life and basketball. He will share the full spectrum of emotions in an engaging and uplifting way as he takes you through his good, bad, and even ugly experiences.  He hopes his transparency can teach, inspire, motivate, and encourage his audience and influence their live’s for the better.

“We were honoured to have Jeremy and Nadia visit our Youth Group last year! Our youth were amazed at his skills, loved his drills, and were stoked to be able to meet him and talk with him. Jeremy is not just a World Class Basketballer, he is a real gentleman with a heart for youth. Our youth won’t stop asking when we get to have him back.”

Thomas Foord-HOPE

MVMT Youth Group

Jeremy came to our school and shared a great message of inspiration, hope and redemption to the students, and ran a basketball clinic with our players. He brings with him a powerful life story and the students hung on every word he said. The physical basketball skills mixed with his speaking skills make him a dynamic communicator.

Nat Cochran

Chaplin, Trinity Lutheran College Gold Coast

Thanks to JK for speaking with our senior students and sharing his experiences about basketball and life.  His honesty about the highs and lows of professional sport and the challenges of injury and setbacks was inspiring and encouraging.  Sharing his decision making processes and the determination required to pursue his dreams with integrity and resilience is such a powerful message.  We appreciate his investment in our students and wish him all the very best for his coaching and sporting future.

Tony Longmire

Deputy Head of Secondary School Wellbeing, Faith Lutheran College, Redlands

“We recently had Jeremy Kendle visit our association as a guest speaker for our presentation night and to also run a training camp. As guest speaker, Jeremy presented an engaging and motivational speech. Though basketball was a key theme, the message Jeremy shared was also about the life skills learnt through basketball and all who attended could relate to his message.

Jeremy’s friendly and approachable manner at his skills camp was well received as he challenged each participant with basketball drills that aimed to build confidence and improve skills for all ages. We will be organising another training event with Jeremy in the future and look forward to having him inspire our members further. “

Adrian van Eck

President, Ballina Basketball

Jeremy spoke at our Kings table Soup Kitchen in Brisbane. He shared his testimony & had a great impact on our guests! He has a great story to tell, and engages well with those who are listening. I highly recommend Jeremy as a gifted speaker.

Matt Prater

Pastor, New Hope Brisbane

Jeremy Kendle spoke at our Community Cup Touch Football Competition 2019. It was great to have a professional sports athlete share gems of wisdom to up-and-coming sports stars and the community in general. Jeremy’s advice on how”the career one chooses (or sport one plays) does not define you” helps us to be better equipped to deal with failure. Jeremy also mentioned that “believing in yourself and being disciplined” go hand-in-hand, reminding us that dreams without handwork will only remain dreams!   He shared his faith in God in a personal and non-threatening manner and was open to questions after his talk hanging around to be available to people. 
Jeremy’s lived-faith and heart to help others succeed make him a true legend and champion no matter what your sport you’re into!
Lex Sagala

School Chaplin

Jeremy Kendle came and shared with our youth ministry, he did so with a great transparency, great vulnerability and with great truth. Jeremy is able to show young people that what they are looking for is found in Jesus, and him alone. Not only did he speak powerfully from stage, but his willingness to connect with and invest in our young people has left them asking when he can come back. Highly recommend Jeremy.

Ben Dainton

Youth Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church Mackenzie

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